SouffleEtc's Shop Announcement

Welcome! Here you can find a wide assortment of custom creations in a variety of styles. Home deco, Geekery, Jewelry and Accessories, we have it all and more! Take a look around and discover why it's called Souffle-Etc!

It's my policy to offer the best of my work at a fair price to you and me. If you'd like something but you don't see it here, please feel free to contact me! You can send me a conversation here on etsy or email me at [makay dot finley at gmail dot com] if you need to send pictures of what you'd like me to make.

I do most of my work with polymer clays, which are cleaner than earth clays. Polymer clays are baked in home ovens instead of kilns, which can be rather expensive to purchase and take care of. For that reason, you'll see a lot of polymer clay on hand-made sites like Etsy!

What makes my work unique from the other artists here? I take the finest care of my creations, from concept design to completion! Every contour in the clay, every brush stroke of paint.. I put my heart and soul into each piece I make, and when you see one for yourself in your mail you'll know just how special each one is!

Of course, I don't limit myself exclusively to work with this clay. I also do wood burning illustrations, custom clocks, home decor and wall deco's, and more! Go ahead and ask, I'm sure I can create that special something you're looking for!

Artistically yours,

Not to promote another page, but the portfolio of commissions completed prior to this etsy shop will be on display at
Browsing my gallery will give you an idea of work I've done and maybe inspire you to request a commission for yourself!