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I take pride in my work. If your lamp has a wooden plaque, I have taken extra lengths to ensure the piece is truly unique.
Your lamp will either have a stainless steel wick holder, or a two piece copper wick holder, a long lasting fiberglass wick and some will include flame snuffers attached with an antiqued copper chain. The plaque or wall mounting lamps will be rubber mounted in between the metal clamp and the bottle to ensure there will be no bottle busting pressure on the glass.
I have heard that lamps purchased from other sellers do not get the extra steps to make a truly remarkable piece as I have.
You lamp will burn pure paraffin oil, olive oil, scented lamp oils and if being used outdoors it can burn citronella oil to keep the bugs away. Not intended or safe for use with kerosene, gasoline, or any other combustible liquid.
Wall mounted or plaque mounted lamps will have screws included for easy installation. If you received a wooden plaque, you also received for wooden buttons that will pop into the holes to cover the screws after you have it mounted. I recommend using a small amount of Elmer’s glue to help hold those in so they do not get lost.
To fill your bottle, depending on which you have purchased, you will either pull up the outer copper wick holder and wick and poor the oil into the inner funnel shaped flanged copper piece, or unscrew the bottle cap with the attached wick holder and poor the oil into the bottle. A small funnel makes either task much easier. Fill the bottle to the desired amount, replace your wick holder or cap. The oil will then begin to travel up the wick.
When the top of the wick has become somewhat saturated with oil, it is ready to light. The wick can be flush with the top pf the wick holder for a smaller flame or it can be raised for a heightened flame. Not recommended for more than a ¼ wick exposed.

I hope this helps answer any questions that you may have. If there is something I may have left out, please feel free to E-mail me @ Wlogan7 [!at]

Wes Logan (The Lamp Junky)

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