SouthernPrepCo's Shop Announcement

**********Please be sure to read all announcements prior to ordering.*********

School is back in session and I'm hoping I will finally have time to list all of the clearance stock I have been clearing out by the end of next week (8/17). Be sure to check out all of the sales on Tank tops as well as all of the new hats and pullovers. Turnaround time is still about the same 2-3 weeks plus shipping.

PLEASE DO NOT message me to find out when your order will ship - it takes away from my sewing time which will not only delay your order, but everyone else's order as well. I know it seems like a simple thing, but once you have to take the time to look up the order then check to see if the product is in yet and then see where it is on the list of items to be made the time adds up quickly. Again please note that all order take AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO SHIPPING - this means they will definitely take longer than 2 weeks plus there will still be shipping times to include. Also if you include a note asking a question when you order this is not considered messaging me - please actually send me a separate Etsy message. I do not read the notes in the box on orders each day to see if you have a question. I am still organizing my shop into its new bigger home so you will see A LOT of SALE items popping up as I am moving boxes down and organizing my new space - I had hoped to have this done already, but have not had the time to complete this project.

Welcome to my Etsy shop Southern Prep Co! Due to my busy schedule I may only be checking messages every few days and normally I will not be checking messages on weekends so please be patient and I'll get back to you as soon as possible - please do not email me as many messages get lost with all of my order notifications and supply orders. Be sure to check your Etsy settings so that you get notifications when ordering and messaging. Etsy conversations are the best way to reach me, but I am only one person and I am not online 24/7. As soon as you place an order you will be charged - please do not be surprised that charges go through right away, but then your order does not ship for a couple of weeks - this is Etsy's way of business and I prefer it since I order all items in and do not keep a huge stock of products readily available. I will not message you unless there is an issue with your order so please do not expect a message - other than the automated on you should receive when your order goes through. If you'd like to check the status of your order please go to "My Purchase" in Etsy and click through - once I've shipped your item there will be a tracking number - sometimes that number has to be entered into USPS to see its actual status and normally takes 8-24 hours to update depending on when the package is scanned.


Welcome to Southern Prep Co.! Where you will find a wide variety of items including political party gifts, collegiate inspired gifts, baby gifts, home decor, and a variety of beautifully monogrammed items. I love bright colors, patterns, and all things monogrammed.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Southern Prep Co and welcome any questions you have. I do strive to get orders out as quickly as possibly, but since items are personalized they do take time to make - so please message me if you need a monogrammed item quickly and I will let you know when it can be shipped and if it is possible.

Thank you so much for shopping at Southern Prep Co!