SparkleAndMungeShop's Shop Announcement

Sparkle and Munge shop is the place to buy T-shirts and other goods created and collected by, poet and print-maker, Erich Erving.

There are three processes used to print T-shirts: Screen printing, Etching, and Iron-on Transfer. Shirts of the same design may be priced differently depending on edition and technique. Some shirts are simply printed others are signed numbered and dated. There are also shirts that are signed and dated but not numbered. If you have any questions about the differences please contact me.

In addition to the editions there are different techniques used to print the shirts. Most people are familiar with screen-printing. Most graphic Ts are screen-printed.

You will also see etched Ts for sate here. These are created the same way that an etching on paper is made. I use copper plates that are inked and run through a press to transfer the image on to fabric.

Lastly there are vintage iron-on transfers. These are created by taking vintage iron-ons, redesigning these ready-mades, and using my trusty flat iron to transfer them to the shirt.

Most of the shirts used are rescued from thrift stores, and may have flaws in them. This is part of their history, and charm. Since they come from thrift stores they don’t all have the same fit. A Gap shirt will fit differently from a Jerzees shirt, which will in turn be different from an American Apparel shirt even within the same size. All new shirts used are union made in America.

Please visit for vintage goods collected by poet and print-maker, Erich Erving.

Both Dowry Sparkle and Sparkle and Munge Shop are owned by Erich Erving.