SparklePow's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Sparkle Pow! Handcrafted art jewelry made by Chrystal Powell in San Francisco.

Sparkle Pow! holds the vested belief, that the purspose of jewelry far exceeds the function of adornment. We transform precious metals, natural gemstones, raw minerals, and otherworldly allusions into wearable art pieces that are inspired to serve the wearer, function as fashion accoutrements, wearable sculptures and objects of power.

Intricate copper veins and pieces of hand-cut silver “lace” give surface to cocoon shaped lockets and rings designed to burn sage or incense. Creepy eyeballs are softened in gold, feminine angles and fabricated metal branches escape the body and seem to come alive with birds that escape the chest. Ancient archetypes are re-explored in work that is poetic in form, and has often evoked tears from its recipients.

We are happy to work to create relationships between the art and the people who wear it- and would love to make your custom order.
Hope you enjoy shopping and let us know if you want something specific!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.