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7 months

these Scarabee beads from 1950s Japan are tiny treasures; so pretty, and so rare! Available now in very limited quantity.

9 months

Antique and vintage paper packs coming to the shop this weekend!

10 months

Some textile kits have started appearing in the shop - with many more to come, this is just the beginning!

1 year

Eucalyptus leaves made a few years ago; I used old chocolate tin and thick copper wire. use them in jewelry projects or just hang them in the home for everlasting décor.

1 year

Here's the first necklace kit - clear crystals and catholic imagery, a bit of classic assemblage supply. All vintage and unusual bits for truly OOAK projects.

1 year

The great sparrow salvage studio destash has begun! I'm starting with these little doily kits - all you need is needle and thread, everything else is included! Stay tuned for many more kits and bits to come...