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Fitness, dance, and kids hoops, beautifully hand decorated just for you! I am truly honored to create for you beautiful custom hoops and provide the most fantastic customer service. You will receive a quality product and I am always here to answer questions.
Types of tubing used:
Sport Weight (heavy) – 3/4” 160psi - this is what I use to make my fitness hoops and it is often referred to as "weighted". It is very easy for beginners to use but experienced hoopers also like it for it’s heft and slower movement.

Dance Weight (medium) - 3/4" 100psi - an excellent weight that is popular with beginner and experienced hoopers alike! A great all-around hoop for fitness and hoop dance.

Zippy Weight (light) – 1/2” 125psi – this is the perfect tubing for experienced hoopers looking for a fast, light, responsive hoop. It is also what I use to make kid’s hoops and is the standard tubing for poi mini hoops and off body hoops.
Hoop Sizing:
I measure my hoops on the outside diameter. My sizing charts are based on even numbers but I am happy to cut odd sizes too!
Beginners usually do best with a hoop that is the same diameter as the height measured from the floor to the belly button or bottom of the breast bone. Larger is generally easier to use but some feel more comfortable in a slightly smaller hoop.
Hoop Care:
Your hoop has been carefully handmade and there are a several things you can do to ensure its beauty. Follow these pointers and your hoop will have a long and happy life!
-Hoops prefer soft surfaces. Keep away from rough surfaces and sharp objects, as these may damage the tape.
-Hoops like to chill when not hooping. Store in a cool area away from the sun. Heat and intense direct light can cause tape damage and warped tubing.
-Hoops don’t like stress. Refrain from putting too much pressure on the hoop lengthwise (such as standing it upright and pushing down). This tubing is very sturdy but given enough pressure, it could bent and kink.
-Hoops are not good swimmers. To avoid damaging the tape, please do not immerse in water or leave in an area of high moisture and humidity.
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