SpiderwoodHollow's Shop Announcement

Specializing in handmade copper wire spider art, spider web design, gifts for entomologists and bug lovers, dragonflies, flies, ladybugs, other bugs, Halloween Creepy Scary

My spiders webs are constructed with copper wire and soldered together Sometimes I add a little glass. Most will have a handmade spider or two on them. All my work is soldered together to make them sturdy and strong.

I sell handmade spiders of all sizes and some odd shapes. I will do custom handmade spiders and handmade webs, dragonflies and flies. I paint most of my listings with gloss enamel paint.

I will put a Spider sticker in each spider purchase. A dragonfly sticker will accompany a dragonfly purchase. A black widow sticker will accompany a black widow spider. A small black spider will accompany any handmade spider web over $40.00.

First time buyers please go here to see how to make a purchase.