Spinningginnys' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Spinning Ginnys!

I hope that you like what you see when your browsing through my shop, as much as I enjoyed spinning, weaving and knitting the products in my store. I started knitting and crochet when I was 8 yrs old from watching my mom and I started weaving in October 1998 when my husband bought me a 20 inch 4 shaft table top loom, when we lived in Anchorage AK. Then for Christmas he bought me my first spinning wheel and my weaving was put on hold for a little while. I became obsessed with my spinning and spun loads of yarn, knitting hats, scarves and even a sweater from those beginning yarns. Eventually, though my spinning got better and I wove my first scarf from some of my handspun yarn. Then when we moved to Winchendon MA, I started spinning yarn and selling it on ebay, knitting socks, and selling them as well. Then in 2007 I discovered Etsy and started selling some of my handspun yarn and socks. Later I tried dying some wool but because I just love spinning wool into yarn, I let it slide and went back to spinning, weaving, and knitting. Recently though, I bought some raw fleece and found that I love the process of washing, carding and spinning wool that just came from the sheep. I've even begun to start dying roving again and have started listing that in my store. I feel very lucky to able to spend my days doing what I love.

All of my products you find in my store originate from yarn that I have spun on my Ashford Kiwi Student Spinning wheel and then wove on my Schacht 36 inch 4 harness Baby Wolf floor loom, or have knitted. All the Roving you find has been dyed using Acid Dyes, that I handdye myself. I hope that you enjoyed your visit to Spinning Ginnys.

Thank you for stopping by!

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