SpiritMedicines' Shop Announcement

Spirit Medicine Offerings is Native American Holistic Art for Self Healing the Spirit.
With Mother Earth's medicines i have created Offerings for all relations to heal with. My Artwork is a touch of our Earth and what she provides us with to live and heal ourselves.
We must begin to heal ourselves in body, mind, and spirit so that we can heal our Mama Earth, so that we can continue life on planet Earth. To all of my Relations I offer you Spirit Medicines.

Spirit Medicine Jewelry
Handcrafted, unique Native American inspired jewelry. Spirit Medicine Jewelry is created out of Mother Earth's gifts. Her sweet medicines she gives to her children. I use Buckskin's, Bones, Teeth, Claws, Crystals, and feathers to create holistic healing medicine gifts from the natural world. With each material i work with its spirit and teaching it has left behind for us 2 legged once our animal relations have passed on into the Spirit World. With each Nation; The 4 Legged Animal Nation, The Winged Nation, the Plant Nation, and Rock Nation they bring us teachings to help us Remember who we are. To help heal our hearts, as well as emotions, bodies, and spirits. In respect i honor each Nation and thro Spirit's guidance i create medicine tools for all people to use.

Native Medicine Tools
Handcrafted Earthy medicines used in healing and ceremony. I create sacred tools to honor the Spirit in Ceremony and help heal the people. Thro Mother Earth's gifts of Buckskin's, Bones, Teeth, Claws, Crystals, Plants, Gourds, Woods, Shells, and feathers i create Tools for Prayer.

Ceremonial Clothing
To honor Creator God, we dress before him each day in our finest wear. I create Ceremonial Clothing to honor God, but as well ourselves. Weaving in Self Love and Beauty into each hide or cotton i work. I create Buckskin Regalia and ceremonial tribal clothing. I hand make buckskin vests, skirts, belts, dresses, and moccasins using Deer medicine.

Rock Nation
Mother Earth's Gifts from the Rock Nation are a powerful medicine used by the people for healing. Rocks and Crystals are holistic and hold healing properties in each one. I have worked with Crystals for a long time and I create jewelry, such as wire wrap necklaces and macrame crystal necklaces. In each necklace i put prayer and deep healing intentions into each piece. Macrame Crystal necklaces are designed to adjust to rest on different Chakra points; the Solar Plexus, Heart, or Throat, as to send more energy of each certain crystal and their properties to each Chakra. Each piece is made by hand and created with positive energy of divine light, love, peace, and harmony. As well as a remembrance to reconnect with our natural world, Mama Earth.

Plant Nation
Mother Earth's Gifts from the Plant Nation are powerful medicines used in the old traditions of healing. I have created a new line of Spirit Medicine (Flower & Crystal) Essences that are used for healing the Spirit. As well i make tinctures, salves, and oils from local plants in Northern California. Also i offer plant medicine for purification and smudging.

4 Legged Nation
The animal nation has come to us to teach us 2 leggeds and remind us about Spirit. Once they pass on they leave behind there hides, skins, and pelts to pass on some of there teachings and their medicine. Not a medicine you take eternally such as the modern world knows of today, but an old medicine used for healing emotions, the body, and spirit. I am a leather worker and create all sorts of Buckskin Medicine Bags, Pouches, Pocket Belts, ect. using the hides and medicines from the animal Nation.

Winged Nation
In up most respect i honor the Winged Nation by using their feathers for medicine. Birds have teachings just as the 4 legged animals do and here i use there feathers in creating feather earrings, feather headbands, and smudge fans.

Native American Church - ((( Coming some day Soon)))
Sitting up in an all night prayer service reminds us how to pray for the healing of all people. Being dedicated to the NAC i create NAC peyote fans with legal feathers. As well i will be offering Cedar and other special handmade gifts for the Church.

Sundance Regalia
To honor Great Spirit we dance for the people. Sundance is a sacred 4 day dance of prayer to Creator. During this time we fast from earth's abundances of food and water and sacrifice these medicine for the healing of all people. This is my way of life and my dance each year. Here i offer all relations handmade Sundance Regalia. I work with Buckskin and create Chanupa Bags and tobacco pouches. Coming soon i hope to offer Pipestone for creating your own sacred Chanupa to pray with. As well i work with Earth's plant of Cotton and sew women's Ribbon Dresses and Skirts and Shawls.

Moondance Regalia
Grandmother Metsli dances full before us every 28 day cycle and as her daughters we honor her and dance for 4 days under the full moonlight in the old Mexica traditions. Dancing to the four directions in our all white regalia, we pray for all women and all men who walk down this Red Road. As a moondancer i create Moondance Regalia. Using buckskin i make Chanupa Bags and tobacco pouches, and as well skirts. Also i create Moondance Shawls for anyone to dance under the full moon with.

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