SpiritWorldDesigns' Shop Announcement

Spirit World - unique jewelry and costume accessories from a fantasy world of my own creation inspired by creatures like vampires, fairies, mermaids, and shapehshifters. I still love steampunk, goth, and geek fashion, but now these elements are incorporated into my own world--the Spirit World!

Here you can find that perfect gift, statement piece, or costume accessory that will set you apart from the crowd. Each item that I make is one of a kind, so you know you will wear or gift a truly unique accessory.

--:~ My supernatural creatures are divided into Houses, each with their own style! Here's a little bit about each House to help y'all out ~

House of Jet - Everything dark, gothic, with a dash of punk - If you're looking to deck out your wardrobe in black because that's the way you feel on the inside, Jets can help you with that. They like Victorian inspired pieces that have the limited color palette of black, silver, and purple. The Jets are also warriors, so expect a lot of chains and daggers in their collection.

House of Diamond - Classic designs featuring crystals, feathers, and pearls - They're the professional snobs, like seriously. Diamonds are mostly business professionals, and they don't skip out on quality versus quantity (even though they prefer having both). They are drawn to clean whites and clear jewelry as well as timeless pieces, and their colors are white, pastels, silver and the occasional gold accent.

House of Emerald - fairy, hippie, all-natural materials like stone and moss - The guys with the serious green thumbs, they take care of our flora. If you can wrangle them into even going to a special event, they love all things EARTHY. Terrariums, faery, and elf jewelry. Greens, browns, brass, and some bright flowery colors are their favorites. Emerald jewelry is for the hippy, the gypsy, and the eco-warrior in you.

House of Sapphire - modern designs in cool blues - The Sapphires are known for their healing abilities and their intellectual prowess, and they're often seen on the arms of the warrior Jets and Ambers, as well as the occasional Diamond. These healers are always at the height of fashion, whether that's 18th century brocade or futuristic glam. They like all blues and things that are a little out of the ordinary, so expect to see very unique pieces in their collection.

House of Ruby - blood red and seductive designs - The companion to anyone who needs a companion, Rubies like to be spoiled. Hardcore. They like to make you happy... but in return you better make them happy, either with gold or blood. These supernatural courtesans love the flashy things - golds, reds, and other rich colors. Their collection is sensuous, sumptuous, and scarlet.

House of Amber - tribal designs in leather, natural stones, and feathers - Fighters with animal kin, Ambers are very close to their bestial nature and can most often shift from human-seeming to an animal. These warriors have an earthy sort of style, with everything from elf to werewolf inspired pieces. They love browns, oranges, gold. Expect some rustic and tribal inspired pieces, as well as some steampunk pieces in the Amber collection.

House of Pearl - steampunk, beachy, and quirky designs - The prophets, the seers, the magicians, the travelers... Okay they're just nutjobs. There's always got to be one in the family, right? If it's closer than the moon, they're probably not interested, but I promise that their eclectic sense of style is.... well, interesting. The House of Pearl collection contains esoteric oddities like saints, sea creatures, clocks, gears, and keys.

Happy browsing! I hope everyone enjoys my unique fantasy creations!

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