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Before you visit my wooden friends, let me tell you something about them.

In 15th century Europe, villagers believed that evil spirits lived in the depths of the forest. When a man wandered into the woodland to hunt and never returned, it was presumed He had been taken by malevolent spirits.

But the woods harbored good spirits too, and the most powerful of these lived in the trees. Before venturing into the darkness of the wood, villagers would knock on the trees to wake the slumbering spirits. The custom of "Knocking on Wood" for luck persists to this day.

As the cold winter months approached, villagers would bring live trees into their homes so the wood spirit would have a place to warm himself. Food and trinkets were hung from the branches to lure the spirit, who was said to bring luck and protection to the cottage he chose to visit. Bells were hung from branches to announce the wood spirit's presence.

According to German folklore, a particular group of wood spirits known as the Kobold inhabited the trees. When the trees in which these spirits lived were cut down, sections were carved into figures so the Kobold would still have a home. The carvings were then put into decorated wooden boxes, and given a special place by the fire. Children were warned NEVER to open these boxes, because this would disturb the Kolbold, who would wreak havoc if it were angered. The early "Jack In The Box" was designed to frighten children, and teach them to avoid the Kobold dwelling.

The wood Spirit has lived in folklore for centuries. He is described as a wise and pleasant fellow, keeping watch over all living things within the boundaries of the woodland. It is said that the forests will stand as long as the wood spirits remain to guard the trees and maintain peace.

So, if you should walk in the forest and feel that you're not alone, don't be alarmed. It may be that a wood spirit is guiding you along your way. The say some people have a knack of "seeing" the wood spirits among the limbs, and releasing him buy way of the carving knife.

Should you purchase a wood spirit, give him a place of honor in your home. Hopefully he will share with you all the good luck and wisdom of the ages!

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