SpiritualFlyer's Shop Announcement

We offer handcrafted gold and silver double sided coin rings. Each ring is crafted in our studio located in Ocean Park, Washington. Our double sided coin rings are made in one piece without cutting or soldering. We use pre 1965 US Silver Coins as well as US silver coins starting in 1992 to the present year and certain foreign gold and silver coins. We Also make custom rings on request for certain types of coins or dates, ie: birth year, anniversary, ect as well as "His and Her" ring sets. We also use CUSTOMER COINS to make custom rings. Please ask for details. If we feel that we can make it we will try. For more information and photo illustrations PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

***PLEASE NOTE: We are very excited to announce that we have been chosen to display our coin rings at the Philadelphia mint. Three examples of our rings were included as part of an exhibit for the grand opening of the newly refurbished visitor center museum on July 4th 2012 which will run until July 4th 2015. We are very honored to have our rings on display in this exhibit at the mint.***