Where Fashion & Spirituality Coexist

Where candles wait patiently.
Where inspirations come to life.
Only a small portion of chains, charms, and beads.
Items are packaged in clear cello bags with handmade jewelry tags to protect them and highlight their beauty.
Items are wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside these hand stamped bags.

Creative Inspiration From The Heart

My name is Amy Doyle. I am the face behind the shop Spiritual Pathways Boutique. I am married and have two wonderful kids.

I have always loved art in any form. I started out with drawing when I was younger and as years went by I wanted to expand and get more hands on. This is when I started making jewelry. I love to make jewelry and the feeling that comes with wearing something that I have created. I have a lot of fun working with a wide range of materials for a variety of fashions. My passion for art grew even more from there and before I knew it, I was picking up a paint brush. From that point on, I have been experimenting with different types of art forms. Each new project is like a brand new puzzle. Figuring out how to bring ideas and projects to life is an exhilarating feeling.

The name of my shop comes from the fact that I am a very Spiritual person. I am always adding aspects from other religions and paths along the way and I wanted to express the unique influences that have brought me here with my work as well as to honor all those beautiful spiritual paths. I strive to add a lot of items that are spiritually oriented as well as beautiful. Your Spirituality is a part of who you are and you are beautiful! Your representation of your path and faith should be beautiful, too! It should inspire you and make you feel good. Who says it can't be fashionable at the same time? I owe a lot of my inspiration to nature and the beautiful changing seasons around me. As the Earth goes through its seasonal changes, so do the styles and colors used in my art.

Not only is everything in my shop handmade by me, it is also infused with high vibrational loving energies. I make items I am passionate about. I get excited when I am busy working away and often lose track of time. My creations are uniquely one-of-a-kind. I often wander the aisles of craft stores and supply shops online looking for something that calls out to me and ignites a spark of creativity. My hope is that when a person receives an item from me, they feel the love and passion that went into making the piece radiating from within, and that it, in turn, inspires them to express their love and passion to the world.
owner, designer
Creating art of all kinds is a passion of mine. I have always loved to work with my hands and to create things that inspire people since I was a teenager.

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