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SplashboxPrintables' Shop Policies


Hello! I'm Chi and this is my second shop on Etsy! :)

Designing is my passion, and for the past couple of months that I've been producing invitation designs, it makes me feel really happy and inspired that I had in a way, participated in making my clients' (mostly their kids') parties memorable.

I owe a lot to my clients who have made my shop buzzing with excitement! Some of them have contributed design ideas which eventually materialized as invitations and party packages that worked for so many others. To all of you, a BIG thanks! :)


Payment is required before I do any custom work.
Some clients request to see a sample before purchasing. I usually give in to this request when I have time to spare, but in most cases, I only attend to these when all paid orders have been served, and it DOES take a long time.

Extra fees apply for requesting changes on the design that go beyond the specifications initially agreed on. The fee would depend on the difficulty of the task and would be quoted by me upon your inquiry :)

Orders paid with e-checks will only be served after the payment has cleared.

I usually complete requests sooner than the declared lead time, but insisting that I submit ahead of the deadline (lead time) means you are placing a RUSHED order which has an extra fee worth 30% of the total amount. In any case that I am unable to meet the rushed order deadline due to changes you request that are not part of the agreed specifications, I will not be refunding the rush fee amount.


In this shop, we're dealing with digital files so no actual printed material will be shipped. What I'll be sending you through email are high quality images and/or pdf documents that are for you to print. This basically means that there are no shipping fees :) Please note that I will be sending to your Etsy-registered email address by default, unless you specify otherwise in the Note to Seller section upon check out.

Invitations take up to 24 hours to complete, full party sets take up to 48 hours, while individual items picked out from the set take somewhere in between (36 hours on estimate).

Custom work may take longer than 48 hours. I'll be able to specify the length of time I need as soon as you describe what you want to me to work on.

Refunds and Exchanges

* Refund is not allowed when work has already been started and/or submitted to the client.

* Please note that colors vary among monitors and output quality on the printers, so be sure to print a sample before getting all your copies printed. If you had your files printed at a certain printing shop and they didn't come out right, Splashbox Printables will not be deemed liable.

* For Rushed orders, if in any case, I am unable to make a complete submission before your prescribed deadline, the rushed fee shall be refunded. Should you request any changes not specified before the order that will require more time, refund shall not be given.

* In any circumstance that I give a refund, fees charged by Paypal and Etsy will be deducted from the amount you paid.

Additional Policies and FAQs


* All designs purchased from Splashbox Printables can only be distributed for one-time personal use and are not to be resold. You are not allowed to share ready-to-print files without my written consent. You are however, very much welcome to share links to my works! :)

* I do not claim any ownership over the characters used in personalizing my work to your requirement; these belong to their respective copyright holders.


* Do you ask for payment for changes on name, age, other text info or the child's photo?
No, but please note that I may get back to your change request after 1 to 2 days, so you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to submit a complete set of info that are already checked for typos in order to prevent any delay. :) If the mistake is coming from my end, I shall email you back the corrected file as fast as I can.

* Can I you just send me the raw file so I can edit the info myself?
Sorry, no. This is what I do for a living, and sending the same file I use to customize for my clients means I'm ready to let it go :D

* Do you offer printing? Can I request you to have it printed for me?
I can't do this for you, but from my past clients' feedback, I'm recommending or for your printing needs.

* How come I don't get a quick reply from you sometimes?
I respond to inquiries as soon as I get up each morning. I live all the way from Asia, away from where most of my clients are, and the differences in time zone cause me to reply hours later sometimes, mostly when it's time to sleep (11pm - 8am in my country).

Last Updated March 6, 2012