SproutedScribbles' Shop Announcement

THANK YOU for visiting my shop! The aim of this artwork is to bring about change in the world, to motivate, inspire and encourage positive thinking and action in the lives of millions. All purchases simply make the production of this artwork, and this contribution, more possible. **FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all orders over $100!**

If you see any painting that you'd like as a print, message me and I'll make it happen, really!

Revenue from this shop will go directly toward producing even more artwork, public murals and installations for all to enjoy, with the eventual aim of encouraging millions of people each day!

These paintings are for you, to inspire creativity, encourage growth and decorate your space with color and empowering energy. This work will positively impact the lives of countless individuals, and it's simply a transference of energy when it comes down to it. This is my contribution to the world, this is my purpose in life and that which animates my heart and soul.

Thank you for stopping by to see this artwork! I will always strive to provide pieces that are affordable for everyone (even if they're just prints) because this artwork is meant to be enjoyed by all people. I want the best for everyone that I meet, and even those who I may never meet....much love and prosperity to you all! We are all one.

- Travis

**Adding my shop to your "Favorites," serves as nourishment and certainly encourages the work and the purpose, thank you!

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