StainedGlassCountry's Shop Announcement

I have been making stained glass art for over 20 years, and enjoy the creative process each time I make a new piece.

Stained glass plays with light throughout the day, producing different effects in color and contrast.

It is also much more beautiful "in person" then in a photograph, as taking good photos of stained glass is very difficult, even for a professional. Trust me, if you like the photo, you will LOVE it in person!

Pricing: although the actual size of a piece matters, the price of the piece is often based more on the number of individual pieces of glass in each piece, rather than the overall size of the piece. This is because the more pieces to hand cut, copper foil, and solder, the more labor intensive it is. Also the cost of the different types of glass used makes a difference in the price. Some types of stained glass can be much more expensive than others.

Also, you can look at pieces I have already sold by clicking on "sales" under "shop info". If you see one you think you might want to purchase, send me a message. I should be able to make one for you in the same or different colors.

Hill Country Glass now offers credit card payments directly through Etsy, as well as PayPal payments.

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