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Star Bags

We are a mother/daughter (Esther & Estella) team working together to support ourselves and our 12 dogs (yes, 12!) through Etsy. With backgrounds in civil engineering and interior decorating, we ended up selling our house in the Netherlands and moved to Turkey where our creativity could finally start for real.

All our bags are one-of-a-kind or made in a limited edition due to the vintage and/ or repurposed materials we use for them. With some creativity alot of things can be saved and given a second life, for a better and greener planet. We love vintage fibers and embroidery, nothing beats the old stuff: back in the days things had more value and quality.

Each and every piece is designed and made by us. We take great care to our work from start to finish untill it reaches safely in our customers hands.

We often share our creative process on our blog:

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Esther & Estella
owner, maker, designer, curator, shipping etc everything that has to do with Star of the East is done by the two of us.
We are a mother-daughter team, Esther & Estella.
You can discover our creative process on our blog:

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