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David Phillips

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David Phillips


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Interdimensional Doorways Disguised as Fine Jewelry

For 35 years it has been an honor and a blessing to serve in uniting the human and mineral kingdoms. I create empowering jewelry that nourishes and supports our community and our planet.

Gemstones are the light of life captured in a pure visible form graciously gifted to humankind through the Earth. Each gemstone maintains a specific vibrational pattern that corresponds to, and elicits, a healing or balancing response. When working with these gemstones I invoke the emanation of the healing power of the gems, and the intention with which this jewelry is made, to bless and uplift all beings who come in contact with these creations.

I start by choosing gemstones only of the highest quality and purity of vibration. Their energy is then further enhanced through a process of activation. This is done is by traveling with them to high frequency locations on the planet so that the gems can harmonize with these natural sacred vortexes and be infused with their regenerative properties. Some of the sacred sites where I have done activation ceremonies with my work include Machu Picchu in Peru, Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia, Mount Shasta California, Haleakala Crater Maui, Bali, and the healing temple of Asclepius in Epidaurus, Greece. Also, during the actual creation of the jewelry, the gems are placed on a special crystal before and after they are made into jewelry. It is here that they are imbued with the specific blessings that are appropriate for the individuals who will eventually own and cherish them.

In addition to all of the energy work that is done, there is also a simple elegance in the unique style of setting these stones that I have developed over the years. Some people choose to own my work simply for it’s artistry.

Given birth to in this way, these pieces heal through beauty and serve to radiate harmonizing energy on many levels. This is why I refer to my work as “Interdimensional Doorways Disguised as Fine Jewelry”.

After the creation process, it is my joyful devotion to assist in connecting these pieces with the people for whom they were created.

In service as the Artisan of the Heart,
David Phillips

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Last updated on May 11, 2022
Frequently asked questions
Do you make these yourself?

Yes, I hand create all my jewelry myself. No outside labor is involved.

Why don't you accept returns or exchanges?

I currently live in Bali, which is in the country of Indonesia. Unfortunately, Indonesia has crazy high import duty fees. If you were to mail a piece back to me here, it would cost over 25% of the insured value of the piece, plus shipping, to get it through customs. Yes, they charge duty on the shipping cost as well. If you want to pay that, in advance, we can work something out. This policy will change if I move to a civilized country without such high duty fees.

What is Argentium Silver and why do you use it?

Traditional Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver. Most or all of the rest of the alloy is copper, which makes the silver hard enough to work with. It also makes Sterling Silver prone to tarnishing. Argentium Silver has a higher silver content. The wire I use is 93.5% silver. The rest of the alloy has some or all of the copper replaced primarily by Germanium, with possible inclusion of Zinc and Boron. This creates a silver that is not only brighter than traditional Sterling, but can be more tarnish resistant as well. All silver will eventually tarnish, but Argentium Silver can hold it's shine much longer.

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