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2 months

Ready to hang with No Glass! I mount my small original watercolor paintings on wood panels then seal them with cold wax medium. Works great. Hope have some of these little gems for sale in my shop soon!

3 months

I’ve entered Blick’s Art Materials Pet Portrait Challenge! You can vote EVERYDAY and from EACH device at https://wyng.io/iGIq8R You don’t even have to vote for mine. But would really appreciate it! THANKS!

4 months

For this new painting I’ve switched from stretched canvas to a cradled wood panel. Even though I have to prep the wood myself, it’s so worth it for the smooth texture so I can include all that wonderful detail that I love to paint.

5 months

Working on new watercolor clipart paintings. Once I digitize them, I'll post each original painting for sale.

6 months

I love drawing and I need to do more!

9 months

I took this photo in my neighbor's zinnia patch. It will be the reference for my next acrylic painting.

10 months

I started this painting en plein air. Acrylic can be challenging outdoors. It was windy & hot, so my paints weren't cooperating. I had to finish it in my studio. Sometimes small paintings take more time than larger ones, especially en plein air.

1 year

It's your lucky day…, Or rather two days! All my downloads are half price through Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

1 year

This is the first of many coloring pages I'll be adding to my shop.

2 years

Beautiful cards created by a customer using my cat face digital stamp. http://craftylollea.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/kitty-cas.html

3 years

So far I'm keeping up with my daily doodles. Decided I should add some of them to my shop. Just the ones I really like of course stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye. Follow my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/starglowstudio/

3 years

This is from October this year. A caterpillar decided my porch was a good place to spin her cocoon. See my next update for "the rest of the story".

3 years

I used photoshop to create my chicken digital collage sheet.