Polymer clay Christmas ornaments, jewelry, home decor

A filigree ornament in progress
An armada of sculpted koi, waiting to be baked and painted
Cane slices ready to decorate a batch of pens
This sheet of filigree will become the bases of four mini koi pond boxes

Covering the world in clay!

I've been working with polymer clay since childhood, but I still discover new things every time I pick up a block. I like to make unique and fun pieces that are also useful. My favorite technique is "filigree", a painstaking process of coiling, placing and cutting individual strands of clay.

I'm a one-woman shop, and all of the clay work is done by hand in my home studio. Each piece has its own unique pattern of colors and swirls.
Amber Elledge
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator
Self-taught polymer clay artist. Reader. Gardener. Tea drinker.

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