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Hello, my name is Susan I am a Psychic Medium, Professional Astrologer & Tarot and Oracle Card Reader. Welcome to Starlight Oracle. To find out more about me, read on. Please read the individual listing you are interested in to see how your reading is delivered to you. I offer many options such as: Email, Skype or Private Video Reading.

★Current Turnaround Time (updated due to workload) ★ 4 - 9 business days. (I generally do NOT work weekends). ( If you order more than 1 type of reading it is between 3 - 12 days wait for each reading).★★ Urgent request readings with still be completed in the 48 hr period.

Hello, Welcome to Starlight Oracle.

My name is Susan, I am a psychic and a medium and I have over 18 years experience reading Tarot & Oracle Cards and 14 + years experience studying Astrology in depth and analyzing Birth Charts & Planetary Transits for individuals. I have read for people all over the globe from USA, UK, Europe, Asia, New Zealand & Australia.

As a Psychic & Medium my gifts manifest through the following psychic senses:

Clairaudience: Clear Hearing
Clairsentience: Clear Sensing
Claircognizance: Clear Knowing
Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing (visions)
Clairgustance: Clear Tasting ( As strange as that sounds, it happens on the occasion!)

I am able to pick up on energy around you as well as connect with deceased love ones, spirit guides and other spirits that are connected with you, I can also sense past, present and future energies . My style of reading involves giving you my psychic impressions as well as providing you with the meanings of the cards and bringing the messages together to give you more clarity and insight into your situation. I also use Astrology & Numerology depending on the type of reading you are having.

I look forward to assisting you with detailed guidance and clarity in any area of your life that you seek answers to. I always work in the highest integrity and my main aim is to help you to understand in a deeper way what you are experiencing on an inner and outer level of your life as well as connect you to what the deeper truth is in your own life. Spiritual & emotional healing are important parts of the work that I do and I also encourage my clients to step into their own true power in their lives.

My work is very important to me as a highly empathic sensitive I am motivated by my desire to assist others in challenging times with my knowledge of metaphysics and my spiritual gifts.

Please read my ABOUT page for more information about me.

I do open and close my store periodically to keep up with orders. When I'm caught up I will then re open again.

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★★★★★ TESTIMONIALS ★★★★★

"Susan is the Wonder Woman of all things astrological and cosmic. She has a combination of talents and knowledge that really shine. She truly is magical, and I am sure you will be very happy with your purchase! The best buy I EVER made. I will be back for certain! :)" Sarah (U.S.A)
"Absolutely amazing. Susan picked up on things and names she could NOT possibly know. This was my 3rd reading from her and I have NOT been the least bit disappointed. She is the read deal. Thank you Susan."
Sharon (U.S.A)
"Susan's readings are accurate and awesome. I have had the opportunity to experience her tarot card readings, clairvoyant reading and the Astrological birth chart reading which I enjoyed immensely. I strongly recommend those reading this to book a reading with the lovely and positive Susan as soon as you can."
Sweeta (Mauritius)
"Hello Susan
I was very impressed with the 2 card reading I received from you today. Both cards really made sense to me. I know I have to make some small changes, as advised by you, to move forward in my life. So thank you very much. I feel happier about proceeding forwards in my life now." Susie (England)
"Thank you once again Susan - your gift for insight never ceases to amaze me and is always a great help in providing clarity on a situation and advice on how to proceed."
Helena (England)
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READINGS DO NOT IN ANY WAY CONSTITUTE PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL, FINANCIAL OR LEGAL ADVICE - By law I am required to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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