Starrbeads' Shop Announcement

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Handmade BEADed Necklaces, tribal Style Suede and leather garments and Feather JEWELRY TOO!
A Wild, Bold, Colorful Collection of Jewelry, Woodland and Tribal Leather Clothing and Feather Hair clips designed by Rachelle Starr that represents the History of the World and all the AGES for YOU, the UNIQUE Woman!
There are Necklaces to compliment an evening gown or geeky funny ones to show your fun side. FEATHER fascinators to enhance your hair, your eyes, your clothing. Let them fly in the breeze as you sail through life and Last, but not least, are the tribal leathers, ART-TO-WEAR clothing for the drama in your heart! Comfortable, unique and bold but soft and flowy and very special! These are NOT the Flat clothing cuts of leather that you must squeeze into! They are graceful and as easy to wear as a tee shirt But so elegant and flattering..Let your spirit sing in clothing that suits the wild child inside your heart

Wear One of these pieces and the Conversation starts!

<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Each bead, feather or scrap of leather is the story of a Woman's Journey over this Planet.
Be a Starrtraveler through Rachelle Starr Designs.
Be that Blaze of Light through this Universe!

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Please take a look at my Vintage store compiled from all my stores, all my travels, all my hoarding and all the other hats/ lives that I've lived. Full of feather and leather supplies, chatchkas, vintage jewels and clothing, STUFF!!!

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