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This is the highest quality SteamPunk jewelry made. These pieces were made by my hands - not assembled from things made by other people (or - ugh - things made by machines). These pieces are not made from found objects. These pieces are crafted from raw metal stock by my hands. Raw metal stock includes metal sheet, rod, tubing and the like. I use traditional jewelry making techniques like sawing, filing, turning (as with a lathe, but I use a hand held machine), chasing & repousse, soldering, welding and more. Often I will hand craft a component and ask someone else to reproduce my component for me - then I add more hand crafted parts to that component. And, how about those moving parts - ALL PROPELLERS SPIN !

Unlike others who claim to make high quality steampunk jewelry, I ACTUALLY made jewelry for Cartier (as a production jeweler in my fathers workshop) AND served as a consultant for Tiffany & Co (setting up a silver jewelry manufacturing operation at a factory that Tiffany & Co had just purchased in Massachusetts). I also made many sculptings of space craft licensed by Lucas Film and by Paramount Pictures.

I love making SteamPunk jewelry . SteamPunk, it is not only a business, it is a calling!

To read about the history of the SteamSmiths’ world - including narratives about pieces that have been sold - visit

I am now an “exhibit” in The Steampunk Museum, “Exhibiting the inspirational people, events & artifacts of the steampunk community.” Go to: - then go to community to find my name/link to my “exhibit”, also go to Art&Design and click on “sculpture” to see my work.

To see other things that I have for sale: Dragon jewelry Lottery Ticket Scratchers & Moose jewelry & more.

I am a proud member of Etsy Steam Team (! Search for 'steamteam' on Etsy

- Mark Eliot Schwabe, SteamSmith

THE STEAMSMITH LIVES and works in a world that challenges description and defies understanding by peoples of the 21st century Earth. It is a world in which creative people ....
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