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Acrylic Pour Artwork, Boho Chic Jewelry, Amazing Photos

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'Pouring' My Heart Out

I've worked in construction all my life. From journeyman carpenter all the way up to construction superintendent. Then, the company that I worked over 25 years for went bankrupt. Other companies weren't hiring because the construction market wasn't doing all that good in my area. Lots of construction companies were having a hard time economically. So, it was tough losing my job - it was really hard. Now, throw a divorce on top of it. That took a bad situation and turned it almost unbearable.

I did what most people would do - I downsized my life and did whatever I had to do to get by. I finally found work remodeling popular chain restaurants. The only problem with that is that since these were remodels of existing restaurants the work had to be done late at night and into the early morning hours - basically, the graveyard shift. Unless you're somebody who naturally likes that shift, it will eventually take its toll on you. And so it did with me.

It was at this time when I knew I had to do something else. But what? I had family members tell me that I needed to "do something" with my creations. See, even when I was in construction, I was always creating something else in whatever spare time I had - art work, photography, even jewelry. This expression of my creativity was one of the things that helped get me through the rough times. But, even though I loved being creative, and believed that my work was really good, I wasn't sure how to go about getting my work "out there."

Enter Etsy. A friend of mine told me about it, but even after checking it out, I still wasn't sure that it was for me. As somebody who's not very tech oriented, I can build a house, but I know nothing about setting up an online shop. And I wasn't sure that even if I did manage to figure it out, that anybody would be interested in it anyway.

Then something happened that I will never forget. While talking about it one night with the woman who would become my wife, I was being rather negative because of all the hurdles I saw in front of me. And in way that I can only describe as absolutely perfect for the moment, she said, "forget everything else, put your fears aside and just jump those damn hurdles. After all, what do you have to lose?" Wow! Those simple, yet profoundly meaningful words, hit me like a ton of bricks!

In that moment I made the decision to move forward - I was all in. I heeded her advice and since that night I have taken actions that resulted in this Etsy store. My only hope is that you find as much inspiration in the items you find here as I found in my wife's words.

P.S. One of the types of artwork that I do is called an 'acrylic pour,' which is where I get the headline for this story.

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