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Announcement   Please Inquire about Items before purchasing! Items are made on demand and Etsy can't handle all of the customization options well enough, so it really helps if we speak first! Thanks!

Last updated on Aug 11, 2016

Please Inquire about Items before purchasing! Items are made on demand and Etsy can't handle all of the customization options well enough, so it really helps if we speak first! Thanks!

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Last updated on March 30, 2012
Welcome to the Brass & Mortar Uniform Depot and Tailoring Shop's official Etsy Store!

A little bit about myself:

I've always been a detail-oriented person. A boss once told me that I was born out of my time. "You should have been a Victorian watchmaker, paying attention to every cog and how it interacts." I took that as a compliment. Unfortunately, I was stuck in a sales job.

My interest in the art of tailoring gentlemen's garments came about as I fell into madness with Dr. Steel's Army of Toy Soldiers! Before this, I paid very little attention men's fashion. Through researching what I should wear, I became captivated! It was as if an entire world was revealed to me. So many cogs.. so many stitches.. mwahaha.

I made my first outfit using a costume pattern, but I quickly I realized that it wasn't the real thing. I discovered that traditional suitmaking was soooo different, and that the learning curve was huge, the community shrouded, and the knowledge unfathomed.

But I was determined to crack the code.

To make a bespoke garment from scratch, I had to shift from the "Simplicity" mindset to the "Engineer" mindset. It's like the following a recipe for baking a cake vs. studying the chemical reactions of ingredients to know why they're added. Eventually, you don't even need a pattern. All the math is in your head and with a piece of chalk and a ruler, you can make a masterpiece. SCIENCE!!

A traditional apprentice started as young as six, and years of training by a master who had spent their lifetime in the trade. But many of the old masters are gone. And those left leave the trade shrouded in secrecy to maintain its elite status. This is a stage set for disaster. So, it's become not only my mission to learn to make suits but to teach what I know to other aspiring tailors by using this worldwide buddy system known as the Internet.

"Interactivity. Many-to-many communications. Pervasive networking. These are cumbersome new terms for elements in our lives so fundamental that, before we lost them, we didn’t even know to have names for them." ~ Douglas Adams

I know that I'm still beginning and I make many mistakes, but I believe that if we all work together to create a peer-to-peer community of open source tailoring, we can work to create beautiful, long-lasting garments and transform this world into a Utopian Playland.

Accepted payment methods

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Payment Conditions:
Payment must be received for cloth / material costs before the construction may begin. All items sold are custom-made and therefore are treated as commission art pieces. Estimated price values in listings are based off of average current pricing for high-end English bespoke tailoring firms, converted to USD.

First-time Listings:
Some listings include the line "FIRST-TIME LISTING." This is a special one-time-only price for first-time buyers on garments that I have not yet had practice in creating. For these listings, I charge only for Material Cost (see below) and shipping. After the first garment has been successfully produced, the renewed listing will not feature this offer and will be priced at material cost plus labor. (So don't dawdle in ordering these!)

Normal-price Listings:
Normal listings are priced with a budget of 1/6th towards material cost and 5/6th for labor. The 1/6th material cost portion of the garment budget is the same as detailed in the section above.

Materials Cost Budgeting:
Material Cost for First-Time Listings is budgeted to 2/3rds apparel suiting cloth and 1/3rd supporting materials. For instance, if a tailored jacket is listed at $150 dollars, $100 is budgeted for the purchase of appropriate cloth and $50 will be used for canvases, interlinings, edge tape, buttons, etc. If you prefer a higher-end cloth which cost exceeds this budget, a custom-order can be requested. Material Cost for Normal-price Listings are allotted 1/10th of item listing unless otherwise stated; that 1/10th allotment is used in the same manner as described for First-Time Listings.

Cancellations Policy:
If during the making process you decide that we should go in another direction, alterations are possible as long as it does not vary from the already-cut fabric. Due to the nature of the beast, this is limited, which is why I attempt to extract and consult with every detail before beginning. For refunds, please view the refund policy below.

(Section Last Edited March 30 2012)
Shipping prices:
Shipping price is calculated for a total of three shipments: 2 remote fittings, 1 final product shipment. Customer is responsible for additional shipments if additional alterations or modifications are requested.

Shipping Time (Normal Listings):
The average time for completing an outfit is 6-8 weeks. Additional time is needed for shipments of works-in-progress to and from the customer during fittings. During these waiting periods, I am able to concentrate on other customers' items. (It's juggling time! :D)

Shipping Time (First-time Listings):
First-Time Listings are items which I have not yet accomplished, and therefore allotted time must be be given for research.

Customer Queue:
A tally of commissions in-progress is posted on the shop news.

(This section last edited March 30 2012)
Refunds and Exchanges
Cancellations/Refund Policy:
Full refunds are only for Normal-price Listing orders newly-placed before garment fabric is cut! Once the garment fabric is cut, 5/6th refund is available before first fitting shipment; 1/3rd refund is available before second/final fitting. After the garment is completed and shipped there are no refunds.

Refunds are not available for "First-time Listings" or custom orders once the fabric is ordered.
Additional policies and FAQs
Custom Orders:
Custom Orders are items which are not listed in the shop.

Luxury Cloths:
Special cloth or materials deviating from the base amount, or completely new designs. I'm open to consider any of these things, and so custom orders are indeed available!

My guarantee is that the item you receive will fit, be fashionable, and will last with the appropriate care. If you feel for whatever reason that during the construction or upon receipt of the garment we have gone astray from these three things or require additional alterations, please let me know and we'll work something out.

Photo Use, Confidentiality, Publishing, and Discounts:
As part of the remote-fitting process, photos will be needed in order to visually gauge measurements for pattern drafting, fittings and alterations—sometimes in partial undress (t-shirt, shorts, briefs in the case of fitting trousers, etc.)

All photos will be treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality and will not be shared or published in any form unless otherwise authorized by you, the customer.

You may submit fitting photos for publication use in my educational tailoring journal and photo albums. Customer faces will be cropped or blanked for these. Publishing rights for those photos will need to be released using a provided release form faxed or digitally signed PDF. Customers who allow publication of fitting photos will receive a 10% coupon for a future item purchase.

If you would like to be featured in Brass & Mortar's Customer Appreciation Album, please feel free take a few photos of yourself in your finished outfit! Be as artsy as you like! Find a setting and environment that you best feel is appropriate for showing off your finished garment. (Digital SLR with proper lighting and focus is a plus!) Customers who do this will receive a 10% discount coupon for a future item purchases.