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SteampunkTailoring is taking a short break.

I am no longer using Etsy for my shop.

Recently, I've noticed that people are no longer communicating on Etsy the way they used to. A few years back, it was commonplace that people would start conversing with me before buying. These days, people seem to just click that "buy" button and don't say a word. This has been happening too much lately. There have been too many surprise transactions that I have not been prepared to fulfill, and it's led to a loss of money and upset customers rather than what the spirit of this website was supposed to be.

Etsy is not Ebay. When you buy a custom-made item that is created on-demand, you don't simply just click the "buy" button and leave it at that. You're supposed to talk to the craftsman making the item.

So until Etsy creates a feature that allows for shop owners to replace the "Buy" button with "Inquire about this item," I am no longer using this website. It would be a pretty easy feature to add, and several people have requested it in the past. It's the only way to ensure that more difficult transactions can transpire without issue.

To those who have favourited and treasured my items, I'm sorry, but this is for the best.

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