StorytimeClocksTM's Shop Announcement

IT'S AUTUMN!........Why not take advantage of our 40% off Back To School Spectacular!!!
From now until September 31st it's your opportunity to pick up a gift for your teacher,yourself, a friend, a new baby....anyone.
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Time always marches steadily on but there are always occasions where the gift of time is welcome. I have some exciting new offerings for you...books of love poems lovingly transformed into clocks for you or that special someone...AND vintage cookbooks for your kitchens to help keep your meals coming together on time...... and, as always, some classic stories that we'll all remember from days gone by. Feel free to browse and let me know what you think!

It's my distinct pleasure to try and find new and unique ways to appreciate vintage books and honor the artists of their covers.
I thought it was time to "publish" some wonderful new book clocks for you to make your own!
Something NEW!
Ask me about custom Nook and Kindle covers created from vintage leatherette books.

Do you have a favorite volume from childhood that you'd like to have made into a clock?
Feel free to contact me to create a custom clock for you or someone you love.

With Storytime Book Clocks I have found that a love for my favorite books from childhood and beyond, and a longing for the time to read them over and over and over again, have inspired me with the idea to re-purpose books that are no longer readable while passing on the desire to read to a new generation.
I also offer some other options as well.
I can custom-make a clock for you using your favorite book or even search to find a title that you have always loved and create a one-of-a-kind timepiece from that volume.
As with the books on display, the finished clocks are of variable prices, always taking into account the age and rarity of the book and the difficulty in the loving labor that is involved in its transformation.

I will be happy to ship to anywhere in the world...just contact me and I'll give you a destination specific quote.

The hands and other visual aspect of my clocks may change slightly from the photos on my shop page due to the availability of certain parts but I guarantee they will be of the highest quality and closest approximation in style to what is pictured.

Take a look at the new group of Faux Pocket Watches with fobs, Wall clocks and Shelf clocks with a decidedly festive theme.

Check back often because there is always a special occasion or holiday that can be celebrated with a whimsical literary timepiece and most all of my Storytime Clocks are one of a kind.

I hope you enjoy these literary timepieces and that you'll choose to take one (or more) into your home or to give as gifts.

- Steven

* Offer does not include made to order items or custom orders.