StringandBrocade's Shop Announcement

I taught myself to crochet so I can make my own adornments for my clothes, outfits and personal expression of style. I admire unique,statement and eclectic pieces made from heart and not mass produced like most out there.
All designs are unique and inspired . I recently was inspired to venture into homewares to add a touch of rustic and handmade charm to your home or to give as gifts to your loved ones.

I am a stay home mum of 2 boys, gladly one has started school so I am enjoying more "me" time to create more pieces to share with you.

A believer in repurposing and recycling materials, I enjoy looking out for vintage yarns which have been left behind and make new purpose of them in my crochet creations.
Mostly my yarn is brand new.

Whenever possible while scouting vintage stores I will list a vintage piece I believe deserves to be enjoyed with style.

Hope you find something that you love also.

xxx Deborah