Strongbeads' Shop Announcement

*** Stories from around the world, silent songs from the heart ***
Strongbeads jewellery is a line of a very good quality beads. Mainly glass, new and vintage beads and very very old pieces. All these special colourful treasures from the hands of craftspeople have travelled across countries to share their wonderful vibrations with you. To allow the spirit to flow.

At this moment my technique in the beading is working with thread and knots. It makes the pieces playful in a way, dancing lightly on or around the body. It's time consuming but gives a different exclusive ethnic look. It feels good to wear the pieces and to feel the energy of the beads.

It's my passion and joy living and working with the beads "where ever I lay my head ....." All the beads I carry with me while being 'on the road'.
All pieces created by 'the spirit of the blue waters and millions of stars'.

Beads tell stories about their makers, traders and owners.
Beadmaking is a beautiful craft, bead traders are travellers and
by wearing the gorgeous beads their owners express their inner self

All Strongbeads Bodybeads pieces are genuine one-of designs.

Thanks for visiting Strongbeads ♥

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