StuartsEarth's Shop Announcement

STU[art] is the world's first satellite image artist. Blurring the line between science and art, his unique creations have captured the imagination of art lovers worldwide.

This shop features the ultimate collection of Stuart's work. The TOP 100 CATALOG includes all his best pieces, each available in multiple sizes. Both PRINT ONLY and READY TO HANG formats are offered, with prices ranging from $50 to $2,045. Other shop sections pull pieces from the CATALOG to create featured collections such as the AFRICA Gallery.

Stuart produces all his pieces to order using Kodak Professional metallic photographic paper. His READY TO HANG pieces offer a clean, ‘frameless’ presentation where the signed print is second-surface mounted behind Plexiglas. A museum-style hanging system allows the piece to 'float' less than an inch from the wall when installed. Shipping is always included in the price.

“Stuart’s work is modern art at its finest - an original theme explored with new technologies, without compromising the abstract perspective. Nature provides his canvas, landscape processes the design, and science the vivid colors. Furthermore, flexible production options and the wide range of color palettes make Stuart's satellite image art a popular choice for interior designers and private customers alike."


My background is in the Earth Sciences, in particular physical geography and remote sensing. Remote sensing is the name given to a group of activities designed to gather information about our planet without actually being in contact with it. This is done by using airborne or space-borne sensors to measure energy reflected and emitted by surface features. I use these raw measurements as the foundation for my satellite image art.

Each of my pieces depicts a snapshot in time of the Earth's surface, a pattern of life and energy that will never be exactly the same again. Furthermore, satellites can detect properties that are invisible to our own eyes such as temperature and moisture, so understanding the complex natural interactions at work in a geographical location is crucial to creating a successful piece of art.

One of the most unusual aspects of my work is that despite being digital works many appear to have been produced in another medium. This is a by-product of the diversity of textures found on the Earth’s surface and adds an unexpected dimension to the artwork.

I discovered the potential for satellite image art at the University of Arizona in 1998 while producing a wildlife habitat map of South Africa’s Kruger National Park. My first piece [rainbow warriors] was inspired by this research.

I launched my first collection in 2000 with a tour of shopping malls near my English home followed by commercial exhibitions in London and Dubai. In 2003 Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport hosted my first major show, a six-month gallery exhibit as part of the City's 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight celebrations. The airport show led to representations with fine art galleries and interior designers across the USA. My work has also been widely published, used by Government departments, and featured by companies like Land Rover. From 2008-2010 I was the resident artist at PANGEA Natural History Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you need a custom-sized piece (up to 48 x 96 inches) or you would like to investigate a Private Commission featuring a geographical location personal to you, send me a message from this shop and I will prepare a personal quote for you. You can also email me at fineart [!at]

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.