Resin Jewelry Pressed Flower Necklace Botanical Artwork

Photo shoot!
Studio Botanica packaging.
Inside my studio.
My Daughter and son in our garden.
Taken right outside of my back door!

Capturing Nature's Beauty.

I started off on Etsy a few years ago and I really had no true vision of what I wanted for my shop, just a few foggy ideas that centered around pressed botanicals, texture, and nature. After many months of experimenting and trying new methods of creating, things started to become clear and I began my line of pressed flower jewelry. I knew that I had found my passion. After a cross country move, I opted for a fresh start and opened this new shop, StudioBotanica in October of 2011. I feel so blessed to be continuously exploring my craft and embarking on this journey from my home and surrounded by family.

I could not be happier living in Kentucky. There are days where the beauty of the hills, or a surprise waterfall I stumble across on a run take my breath away. My children have a wonderful open yard to play in and we all enjoy bringing plants, flowers, and vegetables to life in our household gardens.

There is beauty and inspiration all around me and I hope that each piece I create will show a small part of that story.
Cristy Beck
Owner, Designer, Maker, Curator, Photography, Promotion, Shipping
Hi! My name is Cristy and I am the everything behind Studio Botanica. I am blessed to live in the beautiful countryside just outside of Louisville, Kentucky with my gorgeous boy and girl, and my hard working husband.

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