Artistic nursery decor, personalized gifts for kids

Herzliya, Israel

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Nurture the creative mind!
Artistic nursery decor, kids accessories & personalized gifts for the lil’ ones.

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Last updated on Oct 19, 2021

Not yet open. Ducky :)
Nurture the creative mind!
Artistic nursery decor, kids accessories & personalized gifts for the lil’ ones.

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Ducky Rubin

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Ducky Rubin

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Nurture the creative mind!

My name is Ducky. I’m an artist and designer. I breathe and live the creative process and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share my art with you. Thank you for letting me become a part of your home! Conversing and communicating with you through my artwork is a special bonus.

I’ve been making artistic home decor, accessories & personalized gifts for many years now, through my shop StudioDLifestyle. When my grandchildren Anne and Roy were born, I resumed drawing and designing for kids and now I am super chuffed to open StudioDKids! Creating for the lil’ ones enabled me to experience childhood again, which resulted in vividly and brightly colored graphics. Making art for children means looking at the world in a pure way, without filters and experimenting without boundaries. Nurture the creative mind!

In order to produce the perfect items for you, I collaborate with the best print providers in the world. They print my designs on ready-made products or craft them from scratch. Then they ship the finished items directly to you.

This process allows you to receive these professionally crafted custom-made nursery décor or accessories in a matter of days, in most cases.
It's digital magic :)

I live and work in central Israel, and track my first artistic thoughts to kindergarten, at 5 years old. Even then I knew what I wanted to do growing up: art and design.

As a child, I was a mousy little creature, living in a dreamy bubble, gazing out to the world. Everything became a source of inspiration: visions and sounds, scents and colors, textures, and shapes. In a way, this child is still here :)

I come from a family of craftsmen, designers, and artists, so becoming a creative artist seemed natural for me. I was daily exposed to both artistic processes and meticulous handcrafts. However, support for my young talent came from other places, mainly my art teachers. When I expressed my wish to learn art in high school, my father replied that it's better to have a trade, and sent me to learn bookkeeping.
Me? Bookkeeping?
Soon he realized his mistake and became a main source of support. Art became an anchor, a built-in part of my life – whether it is painting, crafting, or jewelry making. It's a burning fire that never extinguishes.
Art has chosen me and became my way of life.

As a young adult, I was concerned that art alone cannot provide, so I began learning Architecture. After a while I felt out of place, and longed to work directly with materials, getting my hands dirty. One of my teachers, a known sculptor, faced me with an obvious question: what would I like to do when I grow up? Somehow I knew. I always knew. I quit school and began designing jewelry out of leftover modeling cardboard.
StudioD came to life.

More than 35 years later I'm here, sharing a piece of my creative world with you. During this time I experienced many materials and techniques.
In the past few years, I'm struggling with ME's (myalgic encephalomyelitis) pain and fatigue. In order to appease my creative genie, I have begun working with digital media. Luckily, it broadened my creative options.

Yet, StudioD is all about you.
I imagine you in your own environment and choose the right way to combine shapes, colors, and functionality using various types of items.
Your home is an extension of yourself, and my designs aim to tell a story without words – your story.

Custom requests are no trouble at all. Vice versa – I love the challenge! It also provides direct and personal contact with you, a dialog – which is a special treat for me :)
After all, it's all made for you…

Thank you for visiting!

Ducky :)

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Last updated on Oct 19, 2021
Frequently asked questions

By placing an order in my shop, you are responsible for the following:
* Providing a correct shipping address
* Paying any import tax and duty in your country (such as VAT, GST, customs)
* Using the tracking information to follow your package
* Collecting and receiving your order

In case of refusal to accept a package due to VAT, GST and any import duty requests in your country, or avoiding or failure to collect your order for any reason, and without fulfilling the conditions mentioned above – you will not be entitled to a refund of the item cost, shipping costs, and additional fees that may have been incurred at checkout.


Refunds will be granted only for damaged items, if the damage is a result of a manufacturing error, or occurred during delivery.

Since all of my items are made to order – they are unique. I don't keep an inventory, and only print what was ordered.

The best way to avoid disappointment is asking me any question you have BEFORE placing an order. I will be happy to answer your questions, and I never make a promise I can't keep.


On each listing, next to the price, you may see a notice that "Local taxes included (where applicable)".
What does it mean?
That means that all applicable taxes in my own country - are already included in the price, and you will not be asked to pay any additional fees.
In other words: the price you see is final.

However, as a buyer - you may be required to pay local import taxes in YOUR own country, e.g. VAT, GST, customs and others.
Please, understand and accept that I can't change or control your country's import policies.
If a refund is due, it will not include these fees.


In order to create the best products for you, I found expert labs that print my art and designs on top quality items - all tested and approved by me.
These items will ship to you directly from my production partners, located mostly in the USA.

Some of the items are also manufactured in Europe, in order to allow fast fulfillment, and avoid expensive shipping rates, and (if possible) customs, VAT and other taxes.

Shipping from all these locations allows tracking to most destinations.


All of my items are custom made to order: printed, cut, sewn and shipped at your request, soon after you place your order.

These items are ready to be personalized in many ways: change of color, adding an initial or a name, or any other change you may wish to apply on the design – as long as the final design coincides with my style and my artistic integrity.

I reserve the rights for any design and custom changes, as well as for unique designs tailored for specific customers. That means I can include these products in my shop and sell them to other buyers.


Although I do my utmost best to represent the right colors in the items' photos, your final product may look a bit different than the display, for many reasons:
* While I keep my working screen calibrated, colors will look different on other screens due to age, type, reflection, and manufacturers' setups.
* Different materials will reflect colors based on their properties: texture, shine, absorption capacity, and others.


Sublimation printing is the best technique for applying designs onto many types of products. The transferred ink is evenly distributed and will not rub off. The best results derive from flat and smooth surfaces that allow for full contact. However, some imperfections can occur when applying dye onto products where tight contact is difficult to achieve. These are most noticed with solid dark colors.
* Thin white streaks along elevated margins such as those of floor mats and laptop sleeves
* Good surface coverage, yet no color inside hairy and deep textured fabrics such as fleece blankets, towels, or area rugs' outer stitches.


Creative joy is an integral part of my work, and I am convinced it is reflected in my designs.
My desire is that anyone who buys in my shop, or receive a gift bearing these designs - will be filled with the same joy.

In order for this to happen, we should cooperate before a purchase.
Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at any time.
Not only is this not a nuisance for me - I am happy for any opportunity for such communication.

Ducky :)