StudioMaxxCreations' Shop Announcement

Happy Holidays

I welcome commissioned work, your Ideas My Skills combine to create a statement you are proud to wear.

Creating Fold Formed Copper Brass and Silver jewelry begins with the initial piece of metal. Sometimes I just pick the closest piece pick an initial fold form pattern and begin the magic. Measuring the precise lines, folding precisely on the line to become a well defined line on my creation. Placing it carefully in the vise , picking the correct hammer and then whacking metal with a precise rhythmic cadence from one end to the other. Depending on the metal thickness the process continues multiple times up and down the resistant metal pushing the metal against it's will. Just when the metal is ready to break I remove it from the captive vice and place it in the hot Kiln to anneal it back into a relaxed pliable state. Back to the vise it goes, firmly held ready for me to push the metal again to it's limits. The metal is again Annealed in the hot kiln ready for the shape I'm looking for to present itself as I open it up. The creative process isn't completed until I've been inspired to develop the raw piece into a a work of art ready to adorn the beautiful soul who can't live without it.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.