SubtleDetails' Shop Announcement

Subtle Details designed & handcrafted out of polymer clay by Karen Pasieka.
jewelry - custom wedding cake toppers - Christmas tree ornaments - art

Now posting listings by color, how fun is that?!!!
Great for picking out designs for your bridal party :D

For more of our whimsical creations, see us at,,, and

See something there that you don't in our Etsy store? Pay attention to the product numbers on our pictures, then send us a message listing the number! We'll either be able to list the very same item in our store for you (reserved under your name), or make a new one for you!

PLEASE NOTE! Some of our item posts are for designs only, where the item has to be made for you before it can be shipped. For these items, please message us your color selection when you make your purchase! We cannot send you your purchase without your color confirmation...thank you!