SugarMuffinsFudgery's Shop Announcement

If old-fashioned, authentic, homemade fudge is what you are looking for, Sugar Muffin's Bakery is excited to announce a branch off shop: Sugar Muffin's Fudge Shoppe. I was taught by my German grandmother the beautiful skill of baking, candy making, and fudge making. She is 89yrs. old and my inspiration and my motivation to share her love for the art of fudge. Sugar Muffin's Fudge Shoppe makes high-quality fudge, that is smooth and is melt in your mouth delicious. We have many varieties to choose from and are always thinking and exploring new ways to make new flavors.

Current Flavors on the Menu:
Plain Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Walnut
Chocolate Pecan
Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl
Orange Creme
Maple Fudge with Walnut Caramel Topping
Rocky Road
Peanut Butter
Plain White Chocolate
White Chocolate Peppermint
White Chocolate Walnut
White Chocolate Pecan
Funfetti Cake Batter
Snicker Bar Fudge (I do not use the actual Snickers Candy Bar in the product)
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Fudge
Jalapeno Chocolate
Scotchie (Butterscoth fudge that tastes like the Scotchie cookie)
Cookies n' Cream
Margarita (I use Tequila in this recipe)
Key Lime
Almond Joy (I do not use the actual Almond Joy in the product)
Chocolate Mint Swirl
Orange Chocolate Swirl
White Russian (I use Vodka in this recipe)
The possibilities are endless. We will be creating a sugar free line of fudge very soon. More items to be listed and product photos. All flavors above are available for order.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.