SugarhouseWoolworks' Shop Announcement

Sugarhouse Woolworks is a small dye house in Salt Lake City Utah that focuses on spinning fiber, lace weight yarn, sock yarns including Soxx 3D, and spinning tools. Our shop is pet friendly (the dog stays out of the fiber), and smoke free.

Used to be Kitty-Rabbit Kreations, Kitty-Rabbit is the nickname of the female owner of the company. NO cat fibers appear in any of our products and only a select few yarns and fibers contain angora. The name change is a response to people thinking everything had cat and rabbit fibers in all our products.

If you have a specific fiber you would like to substitute out for ask me if I don't have it up. I can usually accommodate you.

Regardless of the information about each item's shipping times, because of the total amount of business received your order may take up to 3 weeks to ship. We will do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible.

DYED ORDERS GET FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE US. Orders outside the US shipping will have to be arranged on an individual basis. Ecru fiber orders must pay shipping. Sorry.

Our yarn and/or fibers can be found at the following retailers.
Soaps Socks and Such - Memphis Missouri.