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1 month

Notice something new in the shop? YKK Buckles are now available for all Eco-Canvas collars. These new plastic buckles are lightweight and won't get clogged by debris. Plus, they won't be freezing after your snow adventures. Your fingers will thank you! raised_hands

1 month

• EXPERIENCE SUNNY DAYS • All 10 new Spring patterns available now in my shop! This year's Spring launch features a new fabric called Eco-Canvas. Here's why you'll love it… it's vibrant, durable, easy to clean, and, best of all, it's eco-friendly! seedling

1 month

• GET WILD • Get ready for Spring with our new Eco-Canvas collars! All 10 patterns are now available, including this light purple WILD collar. No more worrying about mud and dirty puddles this spring because these collars are incredibly easy to clean!

10 months

EXCITING NEWS!! All collars ordered from June 1, 2018 onwards will now be reinforced with polypro webbing - no extra charge! Why polypro webbing? It's soft, flexible, & perfect for outdoor use. It has a 600 lbs tensile strength and will last much longer!