SunroomGlass' Shop Announcement

Welcome to SunroomGlass.

The dance of colors and light in the art of stained glass have always enchanted me. Now I am creating this magic in my own home. My home is my shop and my sunroom really is my studio. I began in this wonderful craft over 10 years ago and have been hooked ever since.

I design stained glass suncatchers, treasure boxes, decorative plates / bowls, candleholders, business card holders, nightlights, picture frames and many more fun things. I also create fused glass pendants and earrings, most using dichroic accents, as well as fused glass dishes and suncatchers.

Most pieces are of original design but occasionally, when I come across an inspiring pattern, I am happy to merge someone else's vision with mine.

All my stained glass pieces are created using Louis Tiffany's copper foil technique. With strict attention to detail, I meticulously cut each piece of glass then grind it to fit perfectly. Each one is then wrapped in copper foil. The whole piece is finally soldered together, sometimes adding a decorative touch with solder, artistic wire or beads. Creating stained glass is labor and time intensive, making it all the more satisfying when viewing a finished piece.

Thank you for your interest in Sunroom Glass. I hope you find something that stirs your imagination.