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Welcome to my shop!!! SunshineBakes is BOOKED THROUGH FEBRUARY 28th. Please see below for ordering information. Please do check the current shipping schedule before ordering. If you have any questions please convo and SunshineBakes is more than happy to help!!

The calendar is BOOKED THROUGH FEBRUARY 28th for ALL ORDERS except those that read READY TO SHIP.

READY TO SHIP items that are posted (R2S items will say "Ready to ship" in the title line) are always available for same day/next shipping depending on the time of order.


The schedule fills up so fast (6-8 weeks in advance) with current and new customers orders without cookies posted so we will be taking orders are on a custom inquiry basis only (no huge selection to choose from in the shop). Pictures of SunshineBakes' work can be seen on FB or you can go to the sold section and scroll through sold items for pics. This has worked out great so far for the past couple months. If you have any questions please convo! Ready to ship items will be posted periodically so please check the ship or FB as they are posted there as well.

Please convo with any questions and I am happy to help.

SunshineBakes on Facebook.


I want to say A BIG thank you to all SB customers and fans!!! It is all of you that make every day a baking day and this shop possible :) I so appreciate all of my customers, past, present and future and I continue to strive to give you the best and cutest cookie gift, favor or treat for yourself along with excellent customer service. I wish that I could bake for everyone that came my way but I have definitely adopted the "Jerry Maguire" approach to my business...less $ more personal attention (hope that doesn't date me ;) and I will only take on as much as I can handle to make sure that ever order placed is made with enough time for detail and prompt and dependable shipping. My daily schedule starts at the crack of dawn and doesn't end until late late late! I work as hard as I can to fit as much in as possible but am limited by the hours in the day :)

I hope that everyone loves their cookies who ordered already and for those of you I haven't baked for soon!!!!


These dates are booked for RECEIVING regular and custom orders. Please feel free to convo me to discuss alternatives in shipping if your event falls on a booked date.

January 10-26th Booked for all custom orders.

***The exception to BOOKED DATES is READY TO SHIP COOKIES. Anything in this section is good to go in the time frame posted in the listing unless specified above***

The dates above that are booked for receiving cookies. Orders that are placed for arrival over the booked dates will be refunded as I do plan my orders very carefully to ensure that I have enough time to spend making each one perfectly :) PLEASE don't order anyway if you see that your order falls over a date that I am unavailable. It just takes so much time for me to cancel the order, send refunds, relist items, send convos and wait for refunds through Etsy. It is MUCH MUCH easier and more likely that I can do your order if you check with me first instead of placing the order in hopes that I can make them. Thank you for your understanding of this process :)

If you have been in contact with me about an order but not yet placed your order and the date is now lsted as booked please contact me. Sometimes orders can fit in depending on how schedule is never hurts to check. Please realize a convo is not a confirmation of your order. This is a online bakery...your order is not scheduled and guaranteed until your order is placed and payment is received. I will try my best to fit it in but can't guarantee...thanks for understanding!! It is never too early to place an order...your advanced order will be filed and shipped for arrival 1-2 days prior to your event (unless a different time frame is preferred).

If you are planning a wedding or event and would like to start planning early that's fantastic!!! Advance orders are welcomed and appreciated :)

Thank you SO much for all of your support and business!!! I love Etsy and my customers and am so so grateful to have this shop that I value so much. I'm very sorry if your event falls over one of the dates that is booked. I have been so lucky to have some awesome pre planners and a couple summer getaways so the summer schedule is pretty busy. If it doesn't work out with your date this time I really hope you check back with me in the future!!

Please click links above for updates on "Ready to ship" listings, sample packs, flash sales, shop info and other interesting thoughts ;) !!!!

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SunshineBakes specializes in hand crafted and decorated specialty sugar cookies. All my designs are originals; never copied!! I have specialized in wedding favors (Big Heart Minis, Confetti and Monogram cookies) for quite a while and decided to bring my business to Etsy and I love it :) The ingredients in my cookies are mostly organic and of the highest quality. Custom orders and designs are encouraged and appreciated!! Photo and logo cookies are available; send me your picture/logo and I can put it on a cookie! If you have any questions at all please ask; I am MORE than happy to help you design the perfect cookie for your wedding, party or special event :)

Larger quantities (than the ones posted) are available as well as combined shipping. Please convo me and I am happy to calculate shipping costs. The shipping rate on the listing is priced to the farthest zip codes (East Coast and Hawaii). Please send a convo prior to purchasing if you are closer than one of those locations as shipping could be less. Believe me if I can save you some money on shipping I will!!

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SunshineBakes does not participate in any product reviews/blog giveaways/photo shoot/promotion opportunities and trades. I do very much appreciate the interest in my shop and so glad you like my cookies but with the volume of requests along with all of the paid orders I turn down every day this is just not possible at this time.

SunshineBakes works very very hard to make beautiful and unique cookies!!! I think about cookies, visualize the design, dream about cookies, colors, cookies, cutters and more get it! Please be inspired and then go to sleep and create the cookie of your dreams please :)

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Thank you, thank you for your support of my business!!!!