SuperBad's Shop Announcement

Look who's back on etsy!!!! WOO!

After a sweet email from a cool kitten in the UK, I decided to get back at etsy. (My maternity leave lasted FOUR YEARS. What the heck?! Yeah, life got in the way...but who cares! SMELLIES!!!)

Send me a note if you would like something not listed. I kinda started her with my best sellers. I can do 1 oz Eau de Parfum quick and easy. I just don't have pics of the new bottles...JUST ASK!!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me! And all you new fans, WELCOME SWEETIES!!!

Check it out! I make bad things. SUPER BAD things.

And you can purchase them here. :)

My traditional blends and unconventional bouquets incorporate exceptional fragrance and essential oils. I blend my fragrances myself, ensuring you will not find Super Bad fragrances anywhere else.

Send me a note if you have questions. Oh, and let me know if there's something on that you want. I'll hook ya up ;)


That's it. Now, let's shop!

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