SusansKnittingSocks' Shop Announcement

Here I am, back again. There were several reasons for my knitting slowdown. There is the house issue - yes, our log home needed to receive some tender loving care from us. They get that way.

Sweaters. I knitted a few for myself but haven't worn one yet. Only one was actually finished. Who knows? It may end up here.

Thumb joints - they swelled up on me and caused some pain. After a few days of wearing braces to calm them down I jumped back into the knitting. There's still some joint pain in my left hand but I will persevere. I have to. The yarn in this house is everywhere and more arrives every week.

About that yarn - I have been stocking up on hand dyed yarns from other women who are addicted to yarn and knitting. There will be socks appearing here that will be hand knit by myself out of those awesome yarns.

Other information:

Want to know more about me? I have a BA in Fine, Performing & Communication Arts, Fashion Merchandising and Design. Whew. How's that for a degree? So, what am I doing with all that knowledge? I started sewing, knitting, painting, drawing, gardening, and a lot more, before the age of ten. I've worked for other designers, sold my sweaters right off my back to those who liked "that one" and didn't want to wait for another.

Etsy is my current stage for my work. Spending a lot of time here with my shop isn't happening just yet since I do still have a full time day job. What is that day job? Well, one that I sure would love to get out of but, selling my handknits isn't making me rich yet - or even slightly above yarn-buying water.

By day, I work in an auto plant. A Ford axle plant, to be exact. Supervisor of Housekeeping is my title. I tell people that I'm part of the Potty Patrol. Always an adventure. That's about how I can describe it.

Knitting keeps me sane, but really, there are so many yarns out there that I just can't leave them alone or let anyone else have them. ;-)

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