Handmade Textile Furnishings for your Home.

Transforming my's never too late.

Vintage fabrics have been a passion of mine for many years. It started when my grandmother passed away 30 years ago and we discovered stacks of linens that she had hand-embroidered. It was love at first sight. No one seemed interested so I packed them all in a box and brought them home. Over the years I have given them as gifts to other cousins, nieces and nephews but I've saved the most special pieces for my family. I can't resist a tattered pillowcase or grain sack with holes. To me they are things of beauty.

I am the author of the blog On Sutton Place and my Etsy shop was the natural next step. I have sewn all my life and never loved it more than I do now. I recently quit my day job in order to devote more time to Sutton Place Designs. I have plans to expand my shop hoping to fulfill my dream of making a legitimate income doing something I love.
Ann Drake
Owner, Designer, Blogger, Wife, Mom, Daughter, Faith-Filled Dreamer
Opened on a whim, my Etsy shop is now the thing in my life that makes me feel like I can do anything. No boundaries...just creating and meeting the most amazing people.