SweetPineFarm's Shop Announcement

We are so glad you stopped by Purple Strawberry today!

Please note that all items are handmade in a home studio. Sewn or turned pieces may contain small "flaws" that make each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art. Be assured that the highest of personal quality is sought for each piece made.

The work that we do is very time consuming and we will never sell an item for what it is truly worth. The cost of the items covers the supplies and some pocket change for us. Buying handcrafted items comes with a price so please look around and notice that our prices are in-line for what we are selling. If you feel that you can get it cheaper at a big box store please note that the quality, memories and stories about the item will never be the same.

Our goal is for your purchase to be enjoyed by your family for generations.