SweetiePieCaketopper's Shop Announcement

Welcome. Please allow for a 12 week turn around on custom orders. In 2015 July- December- there are 4 spaces available in each month for more "custom" orders.
Please check out the AVAILABLE NOW TOPPERS if you need something right away. Most of them can be personalized expressly for you.
I am currently working on new ‘ready to ship’ designs as I finish the custom orders. Fun new things to put into this shop ---for you !
Of course we can invent a brand new creation for your unique party !

►If you would like to order a custom topper and you live outside of the USA, please factor in the extra shipping time and please let me know where you live for the same reason.


♥ If you are baking and decorating your very own cake, you can protect your topper from frosting by placing it atop the cake on a paper doily. Or even cut out double circles of waxed paper or a circle of parchment paper a bit larger than the base of the topper. Craft stores carry plastic protectors found in the baking aisle. Your baker if you are using one, should be able to furnish a protective barrier for you.

♥ There are no plastic duckies in this shop and nothing is edible lol .
Just in case we humans have become too used to everything on cake tops being made out of plastic and resin OR frosting these days, thot I should mention.....These hand painted art toppers are made as keepers and everything has been firmly/ tightly glued into place. Nevertheless the toppers are somewhat delicate because of the special materials I use to create with- such as clays (creative paperclay is one of my faves) acrylics, craft varnishes, fabrics , paper and doo dads. The hand painting can be scratched. Things can be chipped, torn off or broken if handled roughly. Otherwise handling them in a normal way is absolutely 100 percent A okay .

NOTE ♥ I pack toppers with the wired balloon string and balloon completely in place so that you won't need to adjust it. If you decide to adjust the string anyway, just hold the doll's arm in place gently as you do so.

Okay-No other scary warnings left to mention.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.