SweetlySavvy's Shop Announcement

Lace Boot Socks:
A must have pair of Lace Boot Socks & Leg Warmers with Buttons fashion Accessory
Simply gorgeous to accessorize any outfit! True elegance that you can use to dress up or down, for any occasion. Wear with boots, rain boots, booties, and ankle boots or with cute heels or sandals and your favorite shorts, skirt or jeans.

Made to Order: Luscious Body Scrubs
ORIGINAL*RAW*NATURAL Sweetly Savvy Scrubs are super gentle, that you may use for any part of your body. They are mild exfoliants and remove impurities from the skin. They leave your skin refreshed, silky, and looking vibrant! Best of all, Sweetly Savvy's Scrubs are all natural, preservative free and Scrubaliscious. Enjoy!
~ Please send me a note if you would like to begin using our line!