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Arrows | Letterpress Art Prints
Printing on our vintage letterpress in our Heber, Utah printshop.
Mais Oui & Je Ne Sais Quoi | Letterpress & Gold Foil Art Prints
Alpha Bravo Charlie | Letterpress Art Prints
Baby Milestones: The Heirloom Set | Letterpress & Gold Foil Baby Gift

We're a family. We're a paper company. We're seekers of all things beautiful.

You might say that our company started in 2007 with a hand-operated letterpress in the dining room of our little row house on Sycamore Street. Inspired by vintage wood engravings and fresh color, I began turning my hand drawn illustrations and lettering into cards and prints. Late at night, neighbors could hear the click clack of the press through our brick walls...

But our story really began a few years before that, when Kirk and I got married. I told him that instead of a fancy ring, I wanted to explore the world. And so we took off, a modest silver band around my finger.

We slept on floors and carried our belongings on our backs. In Denmark, we worked on an organic family farm in exchange for room and board. It was like getting a peek into a magical world. The husband and wife worked together to raise their children and earn a living. They made or grew much of what they needed. But they also spent their money on a few carefully curated items: a well-designed telephone, a carved wooden table, brightly printed kitchen curtains...

They chose to live simply, yet beautifully.

Since then, Kirk and I have tried to create that kind of life for ourselves. Sycamore Street Press is a continuation of that. We are proud of the simple, beautiful things that we make. And we are proud to make them with quality, sustainable materials in the beautiful Utah mountains we call home.

Thanks for paying us a visit – we hope you’ll find something you love. xo, Eva
Eva Jorgensen
owner, designer
drawer, dreamer, director
Kirk Jorgensen
owner, maker
Stephanie Ford
Amy Shaffer
Kristin Mills
Kate Pollock
Office Manager
Karl Jorgensen
Production Manager
Allison Cornu
SycamoreStreetPress uses 2 manufacturers.


  • Commercial print shop Utah, United States We partner with a local commercial print shop to help produce our offset and foil stamped products. This company is able to produce high quality goods while maintaining their pledge to impact the environment as little as possible.
  • Stamp Manufacturer United States Skilled craftsmen help us in our production of our custom rubber stamps. They are proudly made here in the USA.

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