Sylpheen's Shop Announcement

Dear Vistor,
Please stop by and rest your wings or tail. Have a peek inside, and do not forget to have a faerie beautiful day!

The artist of Sylpheen faeries and mermaids has been creating jewelry as well as sculpting faeries and mermaids professionally for about 3 years. Her interest in faeries and nature spirits began at a very young age in addition to her interest in art. Faeries to her are much more than the butterfly-winged sprites between the pages of books. Faeries have always been a very real and active presence. They continue to serve as a source of inspiration not only in her art, but also in her day to day life. She believes strongly that her belief in and deep love for the delicate world of faeries is present in each and every one of her creations and she hopes others will feel the same.

This shop and artist supports as well as donates to Turtle Island Resoration Network ( and the Sea Turtle Restoration Project ( Both organizations work for the safety of our oceans, save turtles, and offer volunteer opportunities for young people.