TATAindianwoodstamps' Shop Announcement

My stamps are FAIR TRADE!

I work directly with the artisans there and they give me a fair price which is a higher price than they would to their fellow Indians. I go to India all the time and the artisans and I work together. The stamp makers I work with are three middle aged men that are very accomplished in their careers. I chose them because they are well known in the artisan community and are the best of the best. Because of this, the stamps they sell me are at higher prices than other artisans in india but i think quality is more important. It was really important to me that it was a fair trade so these stamps have good karma!

The black stamps are not made by the three artisans, but I collect them when I travel through India from lots of different sellers. I get a tourist price for them, which is a fair trade for them.

I love India and the people there! India is a crazy magical place that delivers beautiful things made by beautiful people. Enjoy your treasures!

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