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TAYASSU's Shop Announcement

Welcome to TAYASSU atelier, a studio that specializes in high end accessories - wraps, scarves, shawls and jewelry for the retail and wholesale market. We also offer custom work. Our mission is to create beautiful wearable art pieces and to make them easily available to our customers. Our products are made with exquisite materials, timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship.

100% Baby Alpaca

A six piece collection made with the fiber that fulfills the need down the ages to wrap oneself in sumptuous fabrics. Alpacas are camelids, native to the South American Andes and are an important part of the spiritual, cultural and historical heritage of the people in the region. Before the discovery of America by the Europeans, alpacas had been domesticated for over 5000 years B.C. They produce a unique luxury yarn several times warmer than wool.

Smooth, soft and shiny, this fiber is appreciated worldwide for its sensual softness, light weight and exceptional warmth, due to the fact that in the center of each hair there is a tiny hollow channel that allows the fiber to breathe, creates a thermal effect and avoids over-heating. Another characteristic is its natural water resistant qualities.

In our studio we treat this material with the respect it deserves and only use fabrics made from protected alpacas. We contribute to the preservation of this endangered species through the creation of accessories that bring out the wonder of this beautiful yarn. Only the best of precious alpaca fibers from the softer shearing make their way into the sophisticated colorful fabrics of the wraps.

The pieces in the Baby Alpaca Collection are carefully conceived and built with eye-catching couture, handcrafted and infused with subtle sophistication. Wrap them in a variety of ways. Secure them with a big brooch, a belt. Coordinate them with other accessories. They are lightweight, warm, silky and exquisite to the touch. Easy to fold and carry, durable and waterproof.

You'll be noticed!

Antique Silver, Semiprecious Stones, Cultivated pearls, Crystals

This collection of necklaces exalts the virtues of the handmade, one-of-a-kind item. Fine hand-selected gems painstakingly hand-tooled pay homage to the ancient jewelry-maker's tradition and glorifies the skills of the modern craftsman. From choice of setting to color of gemstone, from overall composition to balance of each individual strand of gem, bead and pearl, each item has been expertly designed with consideration for every minute detail. Ranging in styles from evocatively Persian to whimsically New World, reminiscently Victorian to boldly modern and theatrical, each piece appeals to every woman's sense of self. And however diverse and versatile, every piece has one unifying thing in common: every piece will make its wearer feel luxuriously elegant, radiant, and special. Every woman deserves to know what she's worth, so go ahead and tell her!

100% Silk

The playfully elegant sarongs, shawls and scarves in this collection are exquisite examples of the textile treatments Shibori "Arashi”, “Kumo”, “Ori-nui”, and “Itajime”. Shibori is the subtly complex art of Japanese Shaped Resistance Dying, the results of which are unique, entirely handcrafted, intricately-patterned and complexly-colored fabrics. Shibori Arashi involves binding fabric around a pole, resulting in fine pleats whose overall intended impression is one of driving rain or "Arashi", meaning “storm”. In contrast, “Kumo” and “Ori-nui” respectively involve tying the fabric in intricately-planned knots and basting, resulting in delicate patterns and subtle contrasts of color. “Itajime” involves folding and clamping the fabric for bolder patterns and more saturated colors. Made from 100% silk, the Shibori Collection is a breathtaking and versatile line of entirely handcrafted and expertly hand-tooled items. Drape them, tie them, pin them - have fun re-inventing each item to suit your mood, and luxuriate as you do!

100% Silk

The pieces in this collection are a celebration of light, color and ingenuity. Made from 100% silk, this collection showcases the fabric itself, expertly dyed and painstakingly woven to create the gossamer threads that make up each piece. Ranging in depth of color from soft pearlescence to bold two-tonal iridescence, the scarves and shawls in this collection are expertly designed to captivate our senses as they play with light, enthralling us with their movement and delicate translucency. Every item showcases a small detail enhancing its color and brilliance, namely pleating or ruffling at each end and rock-crystal or mother-of-pearl beading along every edge, each detail paired with each fabric to most alluringly complement the fabric's natural qualities. Each iridescent item is custom-made to the customer's specification for an extra personal touch, and just as a weaver awaits a silk-worm's production of silk, each custom-made item in this collection is worth the custom-order wait. So be-deck and be-jewel yourself, you're worth it and everyone will know it!

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